Lizard Fight!

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Lizards are all about the desert. It’s like it’s their habitat or something. At least you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking that after seeing so many of them in the dessert. One thing you don’t see too often though, is a street fight between two lizards.

Unfortunately they don’t use knives or dance. I always expect a street fight to go down like Westside Story or Beat Street. Sadly, that doesn’t seem to be a thing these days. Street fights are either handled with guns or biting. The fight I was lucky enough to spot was full of biting. This ended up better than one that was gun based. I probably wouldn’t have been able to get much footage of a gun fight. Well, if it was small lizards using small lizard sized guns, there’s a chance they wouldn’t be strong enough to hurt me, so I would be able to take a shot and keep filming. Either way, unfortunately that’s not what was going on. This battle was old school.

The fight was taking place in a parking area. Being human bros, we assured that the lizards were going to be able to handle their business by blocking off the area and letting them go for it. We aren’t here for a one sided fight. Clean fight rules apply to the animal kingdom as well.

The fight lasted for a long time. So long, in fact, that it wasn’t even finished when the camera ran out of film. The instant I heard the film spool slapping around, my heart sank. I was so excited to get all this, but to not have enough film just crushed me. I guess I’m just no David Attenborough or even his brother, Richard Attenborough’s (I found this out when confirming the spelling of the last name. It never occurred to me that they would be brothers.) character in Jurassic Park. At least not with the sad amount of film that I carry around inside my phone.

I feel like I’ve gone on far too long and it doesn’t matter. You want a lizard fight. I have a lizard fight. It’s time for you to watch the lizards fight!

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