Lane Drifting Drunk Driver

1 min read

Drunk driving is all fun and games until you kill someone or get busted. Personally, I think only the dumbest of the dumb are drunk driving these days. You have to be a complete moro to hop in your car when using something like Lyft is extremely easy and convenient. Sure, there have always been options, but there have never been so many so easily available.

Even if you don’t kill someone or crash your car, there is the possibility of getting busted. The cops don’t fuck around with drunk drivers. You get busted, go to jail, pay huge fines, sometimes serve jail time, and then you still have to go to alcohol education classes (at least here in Los Angeles you do). It’s not fun in any way, shape, or form. It’s terrible. Keep in mind, though, that’s one of the better out comes. Waking up in prison, not knowing what’s happened, and finding out that you’re facing a 10 year stay for vehicular manslaughter is much, much worse.

Don’t be this guy. Don’t be an idiot.

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