Motorcycle Crash Aftermath

1 min read

This was not a fun thing to drive up on.

I turned from one major street to another and was immediately stuck in traffic. In what must have been only minutes before I arrived, a motorcyclist had been hit by a car.

It looked to me like the car was trying to cross the street and the didn’t see the motorcycle. It’s actually a very common thing that’s natural for the brain. It’s called selective attention and you can watch the classic gorilla video about it in this link. When this happens while you’re driving your brain is more focused on seeing four wheeled cars, because they’re the most common. Two wheeled vehicles get lost in the blur of commotion.

Almost all motorcycle wrecks are going to be bad ones. This one was no different. I could see the medics driving up behind me just as I passed by. I don’t know the end result, but I hope the rider survived with minimal injuries and the driver is ok mentally.

Keep your eyes open for all types of vehicles and modes of transportation when you’re on the road. It’s important.

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