Bumper to Bumper in Bumper to Bumper

2 min read

Welcome to the glory that is Monday morning traffic! If you’re not sitting in the same spot for 10 minutes or more, than you’re not doing it right.

During these terrible morning drives there’s bound to be at least one bumper to bumper wreck on the freeway. Someone isn’t going to look up from their laptop, phone, book, breakfast sandwich, whatever, and think they have more space than they really do. Sending them bumper first into the person in front of them.

It’s no fun for anyone. The person that gets hit has to go through all the pain of getting their car fixed and dealing with insurance, while the person that did the hitting is going to be out of a lot of money. Plus, everyone’s day just slowed way the hell down as you have to pull over, exchange information, and all that other frustrating stuff.

Well this impact wasn’t that band. As far as I could tell there wasn’t any damage. Of course that’s only on the outside, but the guy was cool enough about it. Well, he was cool enough after he gave an awesome stare down complete with a “use your eyes” hand gesture.

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