Dude Slowly Walks Through Road

1 min read

Finding a crosswalk is a pain in the ass. They’re never where you want them to be, and you always have to wait for cars to finally stop so you don’t get hit. Which is bullshit.

That’s why this guy, and people like him, don’t bother taking the crosswalk at either end of the freeway overpass, but walk at an angle across the whole thing instead. It’s not faster or anything, and it’s definitely dangerous, but it’s a good way to stick it to people on their way to work. Actually, it’s one of the best ways to slow down traffic. People might feel like they can walk fast, but that’s nothing compared to cars. That’s what makes the move so cool. The person doing it doesn’t even feel like they’re a problem. They think they’re moving along quickly. But nope! They aren’t.

Wait, I thought I was talking about doing this on purpose, not because you don’t know any better. Damn. I’ve lost my train of thought for this one.

I think I’ll go walk diagonally through some streets to clear my head.

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