It’s My Favorite Thing

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Before Louie C.K. was outed as one of the Hollywood (even though he’s in NYC) sex predators, yanking it in front of people because he thought he could get away with it, he wrote some very funny stuff that was extremely real. One of my favorites is his bit about how a jerk off driver will do everything in their power to destroy the world just to make sure they get to their exit. They have no care or thoughts for the others on the road, they just want to go their “favorite way.”

Those people need a serious beating with from their own car. One that will hurt them forever… or just make them change and be better people. They could even learn to live in a society full of people. If they don’t want to learn they’re welcome to take up residence in a place with far fewer people, where they can be as big of an asshole as they want to be without causing problems for hundreds, or even thousands of people on the road. Sorry small town people, but that’s how I feel when this type of shit happens. It’s angering beyond words. Terrible, in fact.

One day I’m driving along in downtown Los Angeles when I see one of these people. He’s trying to turn left from the far right lane of a 4 lane one way. It was the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen… Well, that’s not actually true. I’ve seen tons of dumb things. It’s more of an arrogant thing to do. Very self-centered and inconsiderate. That’s probably who the person is, though. I bet they eat boogers too.

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