Lets Run Some Red Lights

1 min read

Running red lights in LA isn’t something that’s just tolerated, it’s a birthright.

When I say it’s tolerated I mean that people expect it to happen, so we all watch for it. However, none of that stops it from being illegal and an asshole move. It’s how car wrecks happen, which is weak shit.

Yes, I was hit by a red light runner once. It was no fun. The worst part was how they lied to the insurance company, said the light was green (if they weren’t paying attention and say, using the phone I could see thinking it was green), and got the accident to be marked as shared fault. So I lost out on getting anything for my ruined bumper. That incident is actually the reason I got into using a dash camera in the first place. If I had had one at the time I would have been able to prove my story, or at least show what really happened.

Ignoring everything I’ve said, here’s a compilation of red light runners.

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