Los Angeles to Solvang, California (Wine Country) Time Lapse

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In case you were unaware Solvang, California, is wine country. That means literally everything in the town is made from or of wine.

It’s quite the sight to see. No one ever thought a home, a car, or a bench would ever be made of wine, much less a whole town. However, Solvang did it. They figured out the secret of turning wine into stone, wood, masonry, rubber, and much more. Once you know that, it’s fascinating beyond description.

With all this history, you would think Solvang would be famous in its own right. Sure, it kind of is, but what really put it on the map is that wine movie, Wrongways. People loved it. It was all about wine and wining around. Getting drunk is always everyone’s favorite past-time, so it makes sense.

Long history lesson short, this is the drive from Los Angeles to Solvang, California. It was filmed as a time lapse. The clouds look majestic as always.

Update: Some or all of the above history of the town Solvang, in California, might be wrong.

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