How To Drive in Los Angeles Volume 1

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How to Drive in LA Vol 1

With a city that covers over 500 square miles, it’s no surprise that the people of Los Angeles like to drive.

However, just because a person can push the go button does not mean that they should be allowed to drive on a road with others. This is a sad realization many of us have made. If you don’t think so, count the comments of people claiming their city has even worse drivers.

Not to say that one city has any other beat in the world of “worst drivers,” we all have to deal with arrogant, self-centered people who don’t understand how a city is full of other people. But if I were to choose one place with highly aggressive jerks, I would say LA is way up there near the top. If not the top.

Imagine living in a city full of entertainers and the egos that come with it…

Here’s a small example of what you can expect:

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