WBC Championship Game Traffic

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The World Baseball Classic championship game was held at Dodger stadium this week. After stunning the world and taking out Japan, team USA made it to the championship for the first time in the WBC’s 12 year history. Their opponent was team Puerto Rico, who made it to the finals of the last WBC, only to lose to team Japan.

If you didn’t watch, it was a walloping. USA won 8-0 and it was the second straight loss in the finals for Puerto Rico. They keep getting close, but can’t seem to get any runs on the board in the finals (they lost to Japan 3-0 last time). They have 4 years to think about trying fixing that issue, until then, the USA is the champion of the world!

Before the game started, however, fans needed to get to Chavez Ravine, where Dodger Stadium is. Although Los Angeles is a huge metropolis, the Dodgers play on top of a very populated hill. Unlike most stadiums around the world, this one isn’t on any major street corners. If you’re dropped off on the street, you’re taking a long-than-you-wanted hike up hill. Here’s a look at what I’m talking about.

That’s a big park around the field, around the park is a normal neighborhood full of normal people that probably don’t all have season tickets to every stadium event. Even if they did, they probably wouldn’t want to do the hike up to the stadium.

Long post short, here’s what the traffic looks like trying to get to the parking lots. One thing to keep in mind, this is “the back way.” You know, the short cut so you get their faster than taking the main route.

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