Hit and Run in Koreatown

1 min read

Hit and runs are a huge problem in Los Angeles. Lots of people do it, lots of people are effected by it. I’ve been hit by a coward that left the scene without leaving a note. I was probably inside the same store as them moments ago, but they didn’t want to be a responsible normal human being, so I am left with a damaged car. It sucks.

Well, I thought I had seen something while driving, but I wasn’t sure. When I was finally able to check the footage there it was, some jackass pulling a hit and run. The camera captured just enough of the hit so the we know what happened, then the jerk face jerk off pulling away and leaving the scene as the alarm blares. What a POS.

Take a look for yourself and watch something happen that’s stupidly common in Los Angeles. The city of angels?

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